WoundEL® Device


Hard-to-heal chronic wounds require unique solutions specifically designed to support healing. Sometimes, despite the best wound care efforts, some wounds are resistant to treatment and natural healing processes stagnate.

WoundEL® is an electrostimulation system designed to accelerate, accelerate the healing process and reduce pain related to wounds.


DM ClassificationIIa : For the device / IIb : Dressing electrode/ I : Disperser electrode
Dimensions190 x 130 x 45 mm
UseWork on battery

Carefully read the instructions in the package leaflet that accompanies the medical device.This medical device is a regulated health product which, under this regulation, bears the CE mark. Contact your health professional.

How does it work? 

WoundEL® Innovation®

Energy in the skin

Discover the technology at work behind the WoundEL® machine.

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Our consoles available for rental always come with a main cable and a dressing cable.