The values of WoundEL HEALTH CARE are summarized by 3 words: Efficiency/ Proximity/ Innovation


Proven effectiveness over many years through simple use, with an electrode dressing and the WoundEL® console

A treatment much faster than a conventional treatment.

Responsiveness/ Intuitiveness/ Reliability

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Support for both patients and caregivers in the search for solutions for wound treatment and the natural return to the healing process.

Authenticity / CE Guarantee according to French regulations/ Transparency/ Ethics

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A solution that has no equivalent to date in reviving the natural healing process : electrostimulation in wound treatment. 

Applied to a wound that is overdue for healing, Woundel ® reproduce the endogenous electrical current to stimulate all the factors that contribute to healing.

The current is evenly distributed at the dressing electrode which also  distributed at the dressing electrode which also certified NF EN ISO 13485 (2016) and medical products manufactured by WoundEl Health Care have an CE marking according to Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices.


WoundEL® innovation

WoundEL® treats chronic wounds through electrostimulation by combining the benefits of controlled healing with those of daily electrostimulation sessions. 

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