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Under what circumstances can therapy settings be modified? (frequency, polarity)

The console is pre-set by default to negative polarity and 128Hz frequency.
Negative polarity: the objective is to stimulate debridement and granulation. 
Positive polarity: the objective is to stimulate epidermization.
128Hz frequency : all types of wound.
64Hz frequency: small wounds  (<5cmX5cm). These settings are subject to medical prescription. 

What if the yellow led, which indicates the current flow in the wound, does not light up ?

Check that the cables and dispersion electrode are connected and in perfect condition. It can be cleansed with saline solution to remove a possible build-up of skin flakes, replace the electrode if necessary. Finally, moisten the wound with saline solution or hydrogel. 

Is it normal that a gel is formed when removing the dressing (possible odour) ?

The hydrogel in the Woundel® electrode absorbs exudate by gelling it and gives off a mild odour.

How to adjust amperage if my patient does not experience tingling from electrostimulation ?

In the absence of tingling, amperage can be increased up to 42mA. For patients, with cognitive impairment, start at 10 mA and gradually increase while watching their body language. 

What if there is a metal implant near the wound (E.G : knee prosthesis)?

Move the dispersion electrode so that the metal part does not stand between the two electrodes. 

What about surrounding skin maceration ?

Consider additionnal protection of the edges and/or changing the dressing more often.

If necessary, a primary dressing can be used in the wound bed (such as Alginate, Hydrofibre) to increase the absorption capacity of the electrode. Consider stopping the treatment if this in insufficient. 

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